Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Download Aplikasi Stop Motion



 List of Free Stop Motion Animation Software



Simple and very friendly. Hook it up to your webcam and you're good to go. Originally a 2d animation software, it now has a built in Stop motion feature.

  • Totally free

  • PC only

Documentation does not list Windows 7, but it works fine on mine.
Mac: the developer states that "Some users have reported success using MonkeyJam on OSX running Virtual PC and may work on Linux running WINE."

Read The Flying Animator's Software Review


Aniboom Widget - animate online

Hookup your webcam - and Animate!

Right here and now on this very webpage:
This widget below will capture your images, turn them into a small gif animation, and allow you to mail your creation to your friends :-)
You also can embed this widget on your own web pages, including
Myspace, Facebook, and most blog platforms.

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